Stuffing Box

The stuffing box took a 3/4 turn on the bolts… All is good now, no more drippy drippy… the bolts are rusting on the ends, but not where it cinches down. I spray the bolts with anti-corrosion grease every year, but when the engine is in gear the drips of water spray around and off the shaft as they exit the surfing box. This provides a bit of salt spray onto the ends of the long bolts. I image that when I change the packing on the box I'll have to buy new bolts and nuts and expect the same to occur again and again over the years.
The 3/4 turn has reduced the 1QT of water dripping in the boat at anchor every 2 hours down to 1QT every other day.
I think I prefer a traditional surfing box, like the one I have, than the new fangled things that have more methods to fail. The traditional box is unlikely to fail catastrophically but you do have to adjust it every 500 hour or so on the engine.