Motor to Anse A L'ane

We left early in the morning after a puppy walk for Anse A L'ane and there wasn't much wind so we motored the 6 miles across the bay to the south side of Port de France, Martinique. We are anchored in 14ft of water off a beach. There is a dink dock here so that should make it easy to get the boys on shore. The water is not nearly as clean as St. Barth or Dominica, but you still have 40ft of visibility. As a result the water is blue-green instead of the deep, bright blue of St. Bath and Dominica. Once the sun gets low in the sky I'll take the puppies for a dink ride to the dock and we are going to go swimming until there lips turn blue and they are exhausted. They haven't been swimming since we were in Guadeloupe. They are going to hate me for this, but they will sleep until well after sunrise. I'm going to go checkout one of the restaurants tonight. I don't feel like cooking. I didn't sleep well last night in fear of an anchor dragging episode. Anchor is in sand at this spot and holding well, snorkeled her one hour after setting to make sure she was dug in. Looks good.
Puppies loved swimming this afternoon and they got DINGO treats after supper, which they also loved. They should sleep until late on Friday!