Lafayette LA

A few weeks of vacation and visitors. Festival International in Lafayette LA, with lots of old friends and then a visit from my sister here in Annapolis.
The festival was great. I got to stay with Larry and Julie and enjoy their great new house and all if visitors. It was relaxing. We started the first evening with Rum and lots of it. Too much! No more Rum for a while after that night. I was a little sluggish the following morning but otherwise, good.
Larry and Julie
Hee is a picture of my hosts against a wall listening to some of the great music at the festival. Once I returned home and picked the puppies up from the Doggie Hilton, my sister Jolene stopped in for a few days to visit. This was also nice, but she spoiled my pups (they are SPOILT) and have bald spots from where she rubbed the fur off of them. Jolene and pups
The next one is a handsome picture of Jupiter.
Jupiter May13_01