The heavy Staysail is at the loft

Today I removed the staysail (the heavy staysail) and brought her to the loft to repair the UV covering. The Sun eats into everything that is exposed and the UV protective cloth has worn paper thin and is shredding. They will give me a call when it is done. The light weight staysail is hanked on for now and I will keep her up until I need to make a long trip. The light weight staysail should work fine (especially if I replace the Gib with the Yankee). Replacing the Gib with the Yankee is a job for this weekend. I need to check the weather and see what the winds will be like. It is really difficult to take down the Gib and fold her up small enough to fit in the bag while on the boat. It will be even harder if the wind is blowing.
I have a few more small projects to do, but in no hurry to get them done. We are enjoying Bequia. The dogs have claimed Princess M Beach as their own personal property (as they do every beach we have visited).
I am planning to "lime" on Saturday morning with the pups on the beach. I have to get some gasoline and check out the local hardware store on Saturday as well. We are surrounded by Mega Yachts all flying those TAX haven flags of former British Colonies. These aren't the biggest yachts, but definitely the most we have ever seen, each day two or three leave and two or three come to replace them at anchor.
Bequia is a yacht haven. It is like Grenada, but on a much smaller scale. Everything you need is in Adm Bay and the bay is huge and lined with dinghy docks. So what ever you need is never more than a couple hundred yards from you dink. The south side is the tourist side with Food, Bars, small hotels, etc. the East side is down town, about 12 square blocks, and the North side is where most of the match services are found from canvas, sail, mechanics, fuel, etc. The water is clean and clear and the beaches that line the Bay are spectacular. What a great place to drop a hook!