Generator not looking good

After spending two hours with Bob (Dr. Diesel) on the generator and getting fuel to the injectors, it doesn't look good. First the fuel injector solenoid has no power which is why I couldn't bleed the high-pressure side. When investigating, one of the PO of the boat coated the connectors to the relay controller with silicone which indicates that they had problems and once slathered silicone on the connectors. Still have to trace that problem down to get power to they solenoid. After bypassing the solenoid power we were able to prime the system, but not start the system. It sounds like one cylinder wants to fire but the others won't fire (same as we saw in the Atlantic on the way to Bermuda). Hand cranking the engine show that only one cylinder has compression. Ugh.
When Bob first looked at the engine, he pulled the dip stick and smelled the oil. He said, she has been over heated. I said not that I know of. I've only put 80 hours on the generator in 9 years. He said, once it has been overheated the smell will never go away. Next step will be to find the wire fault to the solenoid, pull the head and see the valves and make sure they are okay. If the valves are okay and the injectors are clean, then the problem will be the rings.
I may be shopping for a new generator (or a nearly new generator in the next week).
I pulled up the bimini today and took some measurement to see if I can fit a couple solar panels up there. I looks good, but I will have to install a few stainless steel tubes to reinforce the frame. I also went to the flea market. There was lots of junk for sale. Nothing good for sale at the flea market. I made the pups swim for about 5 min today and gave them lamb bones after dinner. They are so occupied by the bones that I have peace and quite on the boat. I'll have to get some more lamb bones :)