Refrigeration woos

About six weeks ago one of my temp sensors in the freezer went bad. It has two sensors so I switched to the center sensor and adjusted the program. I also ordered spare parts to replace the sensor and remote controller. All was well until this Saturday when the motor on the compressor decided not to start. I swapped out the remote controller and the sensor and still no luck. So this weekend I unpacked the V-berth to get to the spare compressor I have (about 7 months after the system was installed, the compress had a high pressure leak and so the replaced it for free and gave me the original unit to store as a spare). I just delivered the original to Stu to see if he can find the leak, seal it and charge the system. Once he has done that, I'll replace the current with the backup and give Stu the one with the motor start error… This weekend I've been cooking and eating all the meat in the freezer and I'll be a vegan for a few days until this gets working again.
The boat is totally trashed right now as 3/4 of the V-berth have been unpacked into the cabin and one of the cockpit lockers has been unpacked into the cockpit. Ugh, but it's a boat and stuff always happens… The dog are on dry food for now.