Update on Batteries

Just got email from Magnum. I need to update my remote control system, about $50 to take advantage of the “other” battery profile setting that will allow me to program the parameters for charging the LiFePO cells.
I also managed to have my Cruising Equip Bat Monitor fall apart in my hands as I removed it to adjust the Pots for the new bank. I went to the local chandleries and had no luck at getting a battery monitor.
I also fell on bad luck trying to find a M14 hex bolt that was 3cm long or a little longer. The shops here in the US do not normally carry bolts thicker than M10. The one I did find was about 2.5” long. There is a hardware store up in Severna Park that may have them. I need to find time to run out there and see what they have. Otherwise I’ll have to buy a long bolt and then cut it down with a hack saw.
Fall is great. The temperatures are wonderful here in Annapolis before the boat show. Reports call for even more good weather.