Another almost lazy day

The day started with rain and winds until 9AM. I finished working on defrosting the freezer and recharging and testing the system. Got more fuels for dink and mixed the oil and Seafoam. Started taking the port prism apart. It will get re-bedded tomorrow. The alternator regulator appears to work but I have yet to get her to cycle through her program. I'll try that on Tuesday since we are nearly fully charged now. I'm trying to get internet access, but my MiFi is not appropriate for the French Islands, stuck with bistros that provide free wifi. Next time I go to Marigot, I'll bring my Droid Phone and see if that will work. Winds are calming down and so are the seas. Have to start planning my next destination.
Cold again tonight, 74 deg, I'm going to have chicken and sausage gumbo :) Last batch in the freezer that I had to take out to thaw it out and recharge it.