There are dog haters in Eastport

My dogs, like many others, have several kinds of barks.  First, there is the yelp where they are so happy to see you they are about to pee on themselves.  This is reserved for really good friends (aka extended family) and my dogs never forget you once you are part of their extended family. Second there is the bark that says, “hello, hello, hello.”  This bark is for those they know but have not yet made the status as extended family.  Next there is the bark that says we are here, this is our space, and you should not come any closer or we will get mad at you.  This is spoken anytime a stranger is encountered (or with my schnauzers, any time another dog is encountered that is not part of their extended family). Finally, there is the teeth gleaming bark, this one has growling undertones and is used anytime someone (or dog) in the third group come too close for comfort or when Cinco truly senses that the person is “not good.”
On the dock here at Eastport Yacht Center (EYC) there are two live-aboard members that Cinco does not like.   Both have demonstrated that they deserve Cinco’s nasty barks in the past years.  Both live-aboard boats and are grumpy drunks and neither would I trust with my garbage much less anything of value.   I even suspect one is a real horror in ways that I cannot express on a web page.  Nevertheless, the police have been aware of his behavior for sometime.
I no longer tolerate these two “AW’s” (sp? - LOL, personal joke).  Now when they yell at my dogs, as they do every time we encounter them, I yell back and give them “the bird.” 
For the past four years I have been nice and friendly to these people, no matter how bad they behave and no matter what threats they speak to my dogs.   This summer I met Gary and Linda (extended family and transient neighbors from OZ), and one night another transient neighbor threatened my dogs while drunk and I just shrugged it off.   Later I receive a written apology from this neighbor.   Linda explained that she overheard the threats and gave my neighbor an ear full (Thank you Linda and Gary). 
So since this fall,  I no longer tolerate the nasty drunk live-aboard asses. I now fire right back so that they know exactly how much I appreciate their obscene and nasty behavior. 
Recently I’ve heard from two different neighbors that animal control has been called out on neighbors that live in houses near us because their dogs bark.  Inside scoop is that there is a dog-hater living on Chesapeake St. and he is calling animal control on everyone and rumor has it that he is leaving poison in his yard.  The house is for sale, so hopefully, he won’t be around much longer. 
The issue is, should the Eastport Flag have a dog on it?
I seriously considering having the dog on my Eastport Flag replace with a drunk kicking a dog.  I have to consider moving to Baltimore since my home in Eastport has become so uncomfortable for my dogs.  I can’t even walk the dogs off the dock in the morning or evening without the risk that one of these ass holes will be out and misbehaving.  Nobody should have to put up with this kind of stress.
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