The snubber broke one strand this morning

Given all the strong winds the snubber was under a lot of strain and this morning one strand snapped. I pulled it off and replaced it with the 3/4" bridle. This should take the strain of the wind. Now I have to pull out my Marlinspike to see how to spice a new three strand onto the snubber hook. I never remember if you start with "A" or with "C". I only do this about once a year so it sure is nice to have the Marlinspike book.
I went to town this morning to extend my Visa and I have to go back this afternoon when the lady that has the "stamp" is there to pick up my documents.
Sunny with 5min showers a few time a day, but very cold at night, 77F. I know that 77F does not sound cold to most of you, but after you've being in the tropics for this long, it is WINTER to all the tropical folks down here. I have to cover up a night even if the hatches are close.