Batteries are dead

The batteries on Music died last week. The went fast. AGMs that were to be replaced in 2014 only made it to 2013. I just finished sewing a new dodger for the boat (pictures to come later) when after a weekend out, the batteries started absorbing too much juice. Come to find out that one of the 8Ds was hot and clearly a cell shorted. I have removed that 8D from the chain, but will eventually have to replace all of them. This allowed me to pull up the bad battery and remove the panel to find another 8D below.
I’m going to visit my sister next week, so this will have to wait until I return. The batteries made it 9years, not bad; but, not the what I was hoping for. I’m looking into putting LiFePO4 cells to replace the AGM 8Ds. More on that as it happens.