Sail to Dominica

It was a nice day for sailing. Slight drizzle and overcast all day, winds from the NE at 14 to 28kts (mostly in the 19 to 23 range) wind slightly aft of beam. Technically downwind, but just barely. 5 to 6kts of speed in the 20+kts range of wind and 4 to 5kts at the lower wind speeds. The wind finally died as we were about 3 miles from the anchorage so I pulled down the sails and fired up the engine. We left at 8AM and got here at 12:45, so just under 5 hours. I wish all the sail were like this. The waves were also on the aft quarter and that made it tough on Auto for steering, but she did well. The current was strong leaving the Saints, so I had to take control of Auto for about 30min to make sure she didn't run us into the rocks.
I had a late lunch of Mahi, rice, red beans, Dashene, Yams, Plantains, and Tomato/Cabbage salad for $10 US. I couldn't eat it all. They couldn't fit more in the to-go container if they tried, the meal weight 4lbs or more!
Have to see about getting Cell Phone Service here and then about some of the Hikes and River Tours they have. I also have to provision and do a few boat repairs (or stabilizations).
I'm right off a beach on the North end of this bay. Just a little roll. I used the preventer to stop the boom from rocking with the waves.
Mooring balls here are better than the Saints, they don't have a Giant Metal Hook to bang on the hull. P.A.Y.S. controls all the boat boys here, so it is very organized and low pressure. Nice.
The mountains are "wow" from here. This place has several volcanoes and a valley between the north and south sides. The northern mounts have been covered in clouds since I got here. The southern mounts have not and they look higher that the main volcano in Nevis. I hope this pace doesn't erupt like Montserrat!
I'm having some french wine while waiting for the ingredients for puppy jambalaya to cool down so I can debone the chicken and chop it up. The pups only and a half serving this afternoon cause we ran out and they don't seem to understand that it takes time to cook the chicken, rice and peas.
I finished watching 3 seasons of Upper-Middle Bogan. The third season was the best. I do hope they continue that TV show.
More laundry to do. I'll start a batch in the morning.
NOAA forecast coming in tonight. Looks like we will have a tropical wave it us on May 12, so May 11 will have to be laundry day. Should be just lots of rain and a SE wind. Fresh rain water for the H2O tanks!!! All gone by the 13th of May.
Next 3 days have the wind from the SE so we will be here for at least 4 days. Looks like we got really lucky today for sailing cause today the wind started shifting SE and is projected to stay SE for the next several days.