The dogs hate me after that, but they are so soft and fuzzy after a good hot bath with Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Otherwise, went to the Dr. office to get my prescription refilled. Jupiter demanded it since today he had to take his flea/tick/worm meds. BP was 148/90 which is high but not bad for being off meds for 2 weeks. Now for a health care rant: I paid 22dollars a week for medical and prescription insurance while I was working in the US. Plus 8 dollar a week for dental insurance. Today I had a full physical with blood work done in two hour for a cost of $40US and my prescription was $7.50. My dental visit a couple months ago cost me 40 Euros. In the US my physical would not have cost me anything, but the blood work would have cost $40 and the prescription would have cost $1. I go the physical, blood work and prescription for less than 1 month of my insurance cost when I was working - that is cheap since I only have a visit every 6 months. And the dental cleaning and exams would have cost be $200 plus my weekly dental insurance payment in the US, but it only cost me $40 in St. Martin. When is the US going to wake up and realize that health care is a universal right and should be shared by all for much less money than they are paying now to greedy insurance companies? Yes I own share in insurance companies, but still I'll gladly sell all of the shares for universal care.
They are calling for rain on Saturday as another wave is coming over us. I've started prepping for sewing and provisioned the boat today at the big super market on the way back from the Dr. office. I'm hoping to get all the sewing done on Friday so I can get the dodger back up before the rain on Sat and Sunday. The African HAZE has returned today with some low clouds.
Jupiter is not doing so well. He keeps stopping on the walks and refusing to move for 20 seconds or so and then he only goes about 20 yards before the next hunker down. He is also having more bladder problems and is drinking lots of water. The Vet said not to restrict his water. The St. Lucia Vet said the same. It hurts to see him have such trouble walking on land. On the boat he is still a little rascal and very playful, but then it's not the same as walking in the warm weather.
The next day or two will be weird since the dogs had their meds and sometimes that causes them to sleep a lot or have the runs. Rugs are ready and with rain on Sat and Sun that should get a good rinse in fresh water.