Rain Rain Rain

It started raining at about 3:30 AM this morning and has been on and off ever since. Sometimes it is a full downpour for 5 min or so. Then just light showers. I've been doing laundry today and the light weight items have dried, but the heavy items will be out all night and then some. Cinco got sick last night. At about the time the rain started to fall I heard a puppy walking around and then the smell. Ugh he puked and dumped all over the main rug just after the rain started. This is no sea sickness, he must have managed to snag something on the beach yesterday. Rugs went out into the cockpit last night and got scrubbed and washed this morning. The rugs are still hanging on the boom getting rain upon every couple of hours. Spare rugs are down in the boat. Hopefully tonight the washed rugs will dry in the winds.