Back in the water again

Yesterday we splashed back into the ocean… YEH!!! Living on the Hard is Hard and dirty. Boat yards are full of dust, dirt, mud, etc… I'll spend the next few days in Clarks Court Bay cleaning up the boat and getting everything back in order. The I still have to some on the water projects, like service the engine, connect the cables to the wind generator, repack the V-berth, bend on the sails…
I put 3.5 coats of Trinidad paint on the bottom and had the sides polished so she is shiny again. The Max Prop was reset for 16 degrees for 18 this should make a difference no how the engine runs at high speed.
Today I wend shopping to resupply the food after a week on the Hard.
Great stars tonight. I can see the Big Dipper and the North Star as well as the Southern Cross and the two Guides Stars. It is nice to be near the equator on a clear night! They are calling for mostly cloudy conditions this weekend and rain… So tonight is special to have such a clear sky and moon that is almost full.