Running the engine until she cycles

Running the engine today until she cycles through Bulk, Absorb and Float. I've been doing this every day, but today looks like the day when the batts are charged enough to cause her to cycle. Better that I see what she does in Le Lagoon rather than at Sea in adverses conditions. Otherwise a lazy day, need to do laundry tomorrow. It is cold at night, I had to pull out a blanket. Making a big spaghetti sauce tonight to store some in the freezer. Have to go shopping to re-provision the boat on Friday. Running out of snacks and other things.
After 8 hours of engine time, the alternator regulator has cycled. All is good, she fully charged he Batts without overcharging them. We are in Float charge now at 11PM and slowly bleeding power. Awesome! The new alternator regulator is working as expected.