Additional Solar Installed

After dropping one part into the sea…running to the store to get a couple replacements, the two additional solar panels are installed and producing power! Yeh! Now I have to see how much power and which charge profile will work best. So the locker will stay empty for a couple days so I can easily get in and out to monitor and adjust the controller. While I've got it empty I'll defrost the freezer tonight and charge up the coolant for the system. I may also install a small fan on the air vent to keep that locker a bit cooler (that should help the fridge/freezer run more efficiently.
I still have to tidy up the last two feet of wire in the locker. That will wait till morning.
Once that locker is packed I need to service the furnace in the next locker over. It didn't fire up a couple of weeks ago, but it is over due for service. Normally I service it in October before winter sets in, but this year there was no motivation for that since winter here is pretty warm.
I also have to check all the fuel filters and transmission before I head out. It will be nice to get out of Le Lagoon.
I had divers grease the prop, clean the bottom, and replace the anodes. That was last week and it only cost 130 dollars, much cheaper than Annapolis.
Once the freezer is back working, I need to provision up while I have good shopping in St. Martin.
Sharing a rental car with another boat for part of next week so that will make it easy to get some odds and ends that I need before I go "down island."