Sail to Carriacou

We started by pulling the anchor up in Clarks Court Bay yesterday and then around to the West side of Grenada and up to Carriacou. The South side of the island of Grenada was fun, mostly down wind sailing with just head sail until we reached the airport then a turn to the North. About 1/4 of the way up the winds shifted (this happens when you are on the lee side of the islands). So we motor sailed for a while, then back to sailing once the wind flipped to the East. Two squalls blew of the mountains but on one of them dumped rain on us. The winds stayed steady at about 114deg and would shift either to 80deg or 124deg with the squalls depending on if the storm was ahead or behind us. As we passed I. De Rond, we had to make more easterly at about 56deg, but the squalls kept hitting us and the current kicks in with about 1.7Kts of speed going to the West. So I tried motor sailing again, but the waves are bashing as well. We end up motor sailing but heading at about 20deg, that put is 33deg off our target. As a result I took an extra 3 hours to get into Carriacou vs my worst estimate. I had to pass the Island up and the tack back to makeup about 10 miles of offset. Once in the lee of Carriacou the waves calmed down. I did sail into the anchorage at night, something I don't like to do at all. Dropped the hook, set her with good scope (the winds were 25 to 30Kts at the anchorage) and kept watch for a couple hours to make sure we wouldn't drag, then off the bed for me and the pups.