New Alternator Controller installed

I got the correct Alternator regulator installed today, but did not have time to run her through a full cycle. After 3 hours in Bulk charge mode I had to shut her down to take the pups for their afternoon walk. Tomorrow I'll run her for longer. All the same, it is looking good, much better than the little Alternator I've been using, this one deliver voltage to the main bank!! More on that once I fully test her through a complete cycle.
Need more R134a for the freezer. She has been rising in temp for several weeks, so today I dumped the starboard locker and recharged her with what little bit of R134a I had in my can. It wasn't enough but it should help until I can get more. I need to see if it is legal to purchase R134a here in FWI… Probably is. Got a new dink light since the old one was damaged beyond repair when the powerboat ran me over last night. I still have to figure you how I'm going to repair the cracks and splits in the outboard motor cover. I have to take it off in the next day or two and see if I can hammer the spits back in place and maybe apply some epoxy and glass. I need to make it look ugly so that no one will want to steal it :) As it is, no one would want my Dink, and the engine is bolted and locked on to the dink so if you steal one you get the other, it is a package deal :).
They are calling for winds up to 30kts on Friday. We are in Le Lagoon so we are safe from the waves and swell. Anchor is holding well.
I'll have to do laundry on Friday and give the pups a hair cut and bath. The only other major project is getting the generator started (my next attempt will be to pull the injectors and crank her to make sure there is no water in the cylinders). If that works great. Otherwise I'll need professional help.
Water maker is working fine, we are in Le Lagoon and the water is clear where we are anchored, so I ran her for 2 hours yesterday and she was pumping out 15 gal and hour with no leaks YEH!!!
Jupiter hasn't peed on the rugs in two days!!! Yeh Jupie!!!