Puppies okay after the trash bag party

The dogs didn't get sick from the trash bag raid last night. That is good, I was not looking forward to cleaning rugs for two days. Saturday we have to go to Shrimpy's to pick up mail and check out a dink he has for sale (with jupiter's approval). We may also go hiking up to the top for Fort Louis. This should wear their toe nails down a bit. Didn't to hair cuts today cause we went swimming instead. Likely do hair cuts on Saturday. I have to remember to bring a camera.
I have two painting to do while here in Le Lagoon, one of the cultural center the other of an old steel ship wreck in the Lagoon. Both will make nice water colors. Yes a new challenge move on from the Kites painting to other water color paintings.
Jupiter love's Merlitons (christophines), I gave him a small taste and he loved it, not sure if they are okay for Cinco's diet. I may have to email the vet to see if they are okay and also if breadfruit is okay.
They fixed the lights on the causeway bridge. It is awesome to see, equal to two buildings in HKG, but all the same over the water the bridge lights are great.