New Years Eve on Hog Island

It was a blast. I started at 5:00 with the dog walks on Hog Island and I dropped of the generator that would be used to power the music. After walking dogs and socializing with lots of friends and helping a some get their BBQ fires started, I took the puppies home for a feeding and bedtime. Once done I returned to Hog Island for the night. The music was the usual Sunday live mix from cruisers. But at about 7:00 PM as French Gypsy group came down the beach playing music (accordion fiddle, horns, drums, guitars, etc). They worked their way to Rodger's Beach Bar and played for about 30 minutes. From then on it was a mix of musicians and styles for the night. We even had a "flame" juggler (well he wasn't juggling, but more like holding to flaming oil soaked wicks - spinning and twirling them). The rain hit really hard starting about 10:00 so we all squeezed into Rodgers with the musicians and equipment and kept the party going. The rain let off about and hour later and then it was mostly on and off drizzle. At midnight Secret Harbor Marina started their fireworks not far from us and in the distance it looked like St. David had fireworks going as well. At about 12:30 the Carnage Fireworks started and the high fired shells could be seen at Hog Island. The party broke up at about 2:00 AM. Though there were lots of folks that could not stand straight are walk a line, I only saw two people pass out over the night.