The tropical storm didn't turn to the northwest so it hit Trinidad & South America

TS BRET had a track that at times put it directly over Carriacou with 50kts of wind and at other times over Trinidad with Carriacou having just slightly higher than normal winds in squalls. Lucky for us, TS BRET when over Trinidad and the maximum sustained winds we saw in the swamp were just above the normal trade-winds. We had gusts up to 26kts, but those were short lived. When the wind was above 20kts it was usually a gust and nothing sustained. All the lines and anchors held and no body was damaged. The new problem is untangling the mess of lines and anchors that were laid out for the storm while it is still raining. We will stay in the swamp one more night. As one of the first boats into the Mangrove swamp and the first to put down stern anchors (180ft on one and 120ft on the other), there are 3 or 4 other boats with anchors that are crossing over mine. Hopefully they will pull out this afternoon or early on Wednesday morning so I can pull up my anchors.