Rain and clouds

It has been raining today. That has cleared the haze out of the sky, but it is a light rain on us. Looks like Martinique is getting slammed with big storms. Winds are variable as predicted. The wind is predicted to start blowing hard on Monday and Tuesday at 25kts+. I'm running the engine this afternoon to charge the house bank cause the solar panels are dead in this weather.
I'll be in Rodney's Bay for a couple of weeks. I think I'll pull the sewing machine out on Monday and start restitching the dodger. It is in need of a few repairs. Most of the damage has been caused by UV on the stitching.
IWW has the 5/8 inch line I need for the new snubber, but it is in the container that the received on Friday. They asked be to come back next week once the container is unpacked to get the line.
I can't find peas here and I don't have anymore in the pantry, to the next batch of puppy jambalaya will be made without the peas. Cinco will like that (I don't think he likes the peas).
There is a really good pizza joint here. Not sure when, but I will go there one night and pig out on a meat pizza.
I got fresh pineapple, tomatoes and lettuce today. The pineapple has to sit for another day or two. I burned my lips off with fresh pineapple in Martinique… I'll take is slow from now on. But it is so yummy!
I haven't found star fruit yet. I'm not sure if it is in season right now. All the same, I'm craving a juicy star fruit with spines and all.