Sock burning for spring

On Friday, the Eastportoricans had a private sock burning. Sock burning has become a really big event and all the local clubs are using it to raise money and have lots of folks come in an pay to burn their socks and drink beer. So the real Eastortoricans have a private sock burning with 20 or so local folks that show up and have good conversation and a beer or two… then we burn our socks the day before the big commercial event. It is much better this way - more a celebration of spring than a fund raisers! Yeh Eastport!
The big commercial event cause me trouble as I live at the end of the street and this year I had to prove I lived there to get my car back to the marina with my groceries and hardware. Hunkered down until the madness ends…. Not much different than Eastport-a-rockin.