Cracked the return line for the Gen Set

When trying to bleed the system again, I cracked the return fuel line on the Gen. Shut down the fuel and put a diesel diaper under it. Look like I'll be heading to Caribs Diesel Svc on Monday to see if they can get this thing to work. Otherwise, a nice day here, sunny, warm, partly cloudy, no wind. Cold at night. Wind is going to kick back in on Wednesday. Hopefully I can get the Gen started next week cause I want to head to St. Barts. Also need my mail to arrive before I leave.
Fresh french bread delivered to the boat this morning. Yummy. Will have more on Monday.
I have to run into town today to see if I can find some peas for the puppy jambalaya and hit the bank before my card expires (still waiting on the mail package for Jimi to arrive). Otherwise everything is going great St Martin is a really nice island, visit if you can. May be going on a hike Wednesday to the top of the mountain. More to come it I take that trip (no dogs allowed).
All metal zippers rust in this environment :)