1/2 Day at the SGU Animal Hospital

Cinco, Jupiter and I spent 1/2 day at the St George's University Hospital for Puppies. Cinco has tick fever (both Ehrlichia and Anaplasma) and it is in his spine. He has lots of antibiotics to take for the next month. In two weeks we have to go back to the Hospital so they can test Cinco again. They also want to test Jupiter! cause Jupiter lives with Cinco. Cinco has other problems with is Liver, but first we are going to treat his tick fever, then in two weeks he may have to have a scan of his liver to see if there his another problem. Cinco has lost 3lbs in the last two month cause he is not eating all of his food. According to the Doctors he should feel better in a few days, but he still will have to take pills for the entire month. The dog can barely walk as a result of the spinal infection.
Next time I clear the dogs into St. Vincent I'm going to see if they have a plan to deal with the stray dogs on Bequia and the infection parasites these dogs carry. I'll be happy to raise money to spade and neuter the strays and get Suresto collar put on them to help curb the problem.
We (pet owners) go through hell to prove our pets are healthy and clean of parasites to import them into St. Vincent, but Bequia is full of stray dog that are infested with disease and parasite and our pets end up sick from visiting these islands. Something needs to change.