New Year's Day

On Sunday, the my original sailing instructors (Andy and Lisa) pull into the slip two down from me. We talked and made arrangements to have dinner on the waterfront. Over dinner they said the Marigot has a festival for New Year's Day. We could hear music from a couple of blocks away. We walked down after dinner and this was people watching experience. Little kids in the main square wearing lights and playing, teens on dates and parent on the steps surrounding the square. Caribbean music and dancing on the main stage and vendors all around. On the way back to the marine they said they usually have fireworks as part of this festival. Un known to me, a barge full of fireworks has anchored at the end of the pier where my boat is docked. At 9:00PM the explosions started less than 200ft from the boat! Really awesome to be this close to the launch of the fireworks. For a little while I was debating getting a fire extinguisher to defend agains hot embers. It was a nice night in Marigot.