More on Batteries

Bolt is installed and we are running on the new bank. I fired up the engine/alternator today to test out the smart regulator. My efforts were thwarted by a charge relay. So now that has been removed from the system so that I can get a test of the alternator charging only the house bank. That test will wait for Sunday.
Otherwise, the boat is lighter (thanks to the removal of big chunks of Lead Acid Batteries. If the tests go well, I’ll have the alternator regulator programed and ready to go. I am still waiting for Magnum to return the charge control with the firmware upgrade. I also have some modifications to do to the nav-station where the new amp meter replaces the old one. The new one is about 1mm wider and about 1 inch shorter. It took some time to program the JLD404 unit for the shunt, but once I figured out what it takes to get 75mV calculation, it is looking good now.
More to come once the alternator test is complete and the reprogrammed charge regulator is installed.
It is boat show week(s) and there are lots of tourist walking the docks. The dogs love to bark at them!
Furloughed - thank you US Congress. Like anyone needs the Tea Party antics. As a contractor, I won’t get back pay.