Storm is a CAT5

CAT5 hurricane is still mucking with our winds and seas down here in Grenada. CALABUIG drifted over the bar as the tide went out in northwest winds. This is a 100ft sailboat and she is sitting on the bar, waiting for high tide to float her back. Divers when on her just an hour ago to check the rudder and keel. They left so I assume she is okay. Her stern is about 1 foot above the waterline at low tide. She should be fine once the high tide comes in this afternoon. The waves are crazy and the white caps on the reefs are huge just outside of the bay. We have a steady short chop of waves coming in from the South, but the wind is also from the South so the boat is pointed straight into the waves which is comfortable, not rolley. Looks like Dominica was destroyed, Guadeloupe was damaged and St. Croix is next. Most of the Leeward Islands have been destroyed this year.