Almost killed today

We moved to Le Lagoon today to avoid the bad swell and weather for the next several days. I tried to anchor but dragged for the 3rd time in my life. This time the anchor was fowled with weeds within an hour of setting her. Re-set her and now she is doing well. At about 5:45 today I hopped into dink to go to Le Canal restaurant. About 100 meters before turning for the french canal a boat was overtaking me. I had my little all round white light on the engine and a head lamp on, the sun had set, but it wasn't dark yet and I was not in the main channel. A fishing boat with twin 300HP motors is overtaking me at high speeds but doesn't see me. At the last few second I turned hard to starboard in my dink and the fishing boat ran over the stern of my dink. It make a loud noise and but a few inches of water into my boat. I thought I was going to die. Once I turned to starboard I had no time to look back and see if i was going to die. I heard the bang as the boat passed to my port and then looked back to see if my new motor was still attached and I wasn't sinking. The overtaking boat did stop and turn around to make sure I was okay. His lack of english and my crappy french — well I let him know I was okay. I was okay, the new outboard motor cover has some damage, big cracks and gouges and the dink has some bad rub burns over the port tube. My little light no longer works and her cover is cracked in a couple of places. I have a big bruise on my back left ribs (I think the outboard it me as I was leaned over ducked down low and turning her to starboard when the impact happened) but no pain. So on the way home I used my head lamp and moved very slowly. I'll have to get a new dink light :)
I think I'm going to have a double shot of rum tonight. Oh, the dinner at Le Canal was great, Bordeaux wine and their cheese burger with a digestive at the end (cold aged rum with a vanilla bean in the bottle).