Lazy Rainy Sunday Morning

Spent most of the morning cooking puppy food and cleaning. Its noon, the sun is coming out and almost time to take the boys for a hike on shore. Problem is, the engine is running and they are snoring loudly. I'll let 'em sleep a bit longer.
Have fresh yellow fin marinating for dinner for the next two days. Fresh fish from the Saturday's Fish Market in Marigot is on the menu. They had a lot of fish this weekend. I guess the weather calming down is allowing them to catch more. I need a fish guide book, they have varieties for sale that I've never seen before. They did not have any conch (lambi), that's what I was looking for, but then this tuna caught my eye, so I purchased a couple of slabs. Should be yummy. I'll have it with rosemary roasted potatoes and sliced tomato.
I still need to pull down the mainsail and get her bagged for the sail loft. I was going to do that this morning but the rain caused a shift in plans.