Doggie Hair Cut Day

They don't like it and neither do I, but today was hair cut day… Cinco was a little more patient with me, and Jupiter was great, he only sat down twice when he didn't like what I was doing. The cockpit is full of puppy hair. Ugh. This afternoon we are going to go swimming and then tonight we are going to "rub-a-dub-dub-in-the-tub." They will hate that as well, but it is needed to get the last trimming off of them. Daddy hair cut is tomorrow once I recover from the puppies hair cuts.
I've seen pictures of bitter-end yacht club and Nanney Key… we spend time at both locations and I'm shocked at the damage. There is almost nothing left to Bitter-end and severe damage to Nanney Key. The pictures of St Martin are also very disturbing. We were hoping to go back up there this spring, but there may not be much to go back to this following year.
I was making burritos today and the dogs have decided to have a sit down strike if I don't share. They are sitting in the Galley making it almost impossible for me to prepare my two small burritos… They smell the beans and chili. Once I managed to wrap my burritos, I had to eat outside so they wouldn't drive me crazy. And they just got a fresh batch of puppy jambalaya after our swim so it's not like these dogs are starving!