Sailing injuries

Every time I go sailing the next day I find bruises and sore spots that weren't there the day before. While sailing "shit happens" and you deal with it as quickly as possible. You bang and arm or your leg and you don't notice it at the time. The next day you feel the pain. On my trip up from Carriacou to Bequia we had a great sail, winds just below 20kts and 2ft seas. The heading was great leading all the ways past the lee side of the Grenadines to Bequia. But we did have a few big waves wet the deck. On one instance I was standing on the cockpit seats holding on to the dodger and getting ready to trim the main for the new squall that was coming in to us. My feet slipped off the deck and I went crashing down onto the wench then rolled and hit the other wench. My chins are bruised, my forearms are bruised and I have two bad bruisers on my left and right abs. The forearms and chins have done okay, but the left side of my torso is still bruised and in pain when I move certain ways.
Other than that accident, the sail was awesome!!! Full Gib and reefed main at 6.5kts of speed right on course, even with the current setting to the West.
For the past 4 days I've had pain when rolling over at night. Otherwise it is good. I was clipped in so no chance of going overboard on this (I always clip in).
Hopefully in another couple of days I'll be good as new. I have lots of Vit C with all the citrus fruit in season. A bit of Rum helps as well :)