Alternator test

Removed the charge relay and tested the alternator today. Worked well. I have the accept charge set to 13.86 Volts with 30min absorb before switching to float at 13.6. This got the bank to within 10AH of full charge. I did not let it float for any length of time. In the next day or two, after the bank has run down a bit, I’ll try to get a full charge on the alternator.
If all works well I’ll get to near full charge without triggering the field current shutoff (14.2 volts). On these batteries anything above 3.4volts per cell is a full charge, so 13.6 should be good enough for a house bank.
Today, after the accept charge was done, it took a while for the float to kick in since the float voltage was below the state of the battery bank. The freezer solved that in a minute or two as it began to suck down the Amps.
I’ll update after the next test. I’m still waiting for the reprogrammed charge controller for the Magnum.