Waiting for Vet Papers

The pups have been to the Vet and blood drawn… Now we are waiting for the results from Kansas University. They we can file the papers with SVG and move north without puppy problems. This past week has been relaxing. I went to town yesterday and had lunch at the Nutmeg… Lambis Curry and it was really good - so was the rum punch. I'm running the engine today to get the batts fully charged. We have been a bit low on charge lately with all the rain on the solar panels. This should correct the problem until I can get to Mt. Hartman to get gasoline for the Yamaha generator and dink.
Soaking Kidney Beans for red beans and rice, but I didn't find potatoes at the market today. I'll have to hit up Whisper Cove in the morning to see if they have some potatoes. They should since they server fries all the time.
The Hash is in Clark's Court Marina this Saturday. I think I'll do it since it is only a 2 minute dink ride from here.
Lots of Halloween parties going on this weekend. I will try to make one of them, but otherwise, I have no costume other than being a retired person on a sailboat :)