Gen part in... down pour one the way back from groc shopping

My high-pressure fuel line is in. I have to see about picking it up today if I can if not then Wed morning. Hopefully it is pre-bent in the right shape otherwise I'll have to find someone here that can bend this stuff without cracking it.
Grocery shopping today in quick drying clothes cause it is overcast today. On the way back, the sky opened up with a down pour. I have yet to see if the crackers and cookies survived.
The boxes of wine melted in the rain. The frozen food was in the cooler bag. I was expecting it so I carried some extra plastic bags (they may have saved my cookies and crackers). I'm still drying off from the trip. I purchased a few different cheeses and some fish/beef/pork etc. Now I have to decide the menu for tonight. I still have a few hours to make that decision (even if the food is frozen, it will thaw out quickly here). I could get really FAT in St Martin!!! This is better than I've ever expected.
They had three different kinds of Boudin at the shop. I looked like Cajun Boudin but very small links. I couldn't understand the modifier in french to know what each one was. Maybe next week if they have it I'll pick up a package of each and try them out. Super U also has christophines already sliced and frozen and as well as sweet potatoes, yucca, yams, mushrooms and dasheen.
Super U is a big but strange store. They have things you would never find in the States and yet they are missing thing that you think would be universal. I almost bought green onions, but I would have had to chop them and freeze them before they would be used. Not into that unless they could be dehidrated before being stored. They have lots of cuts of meat, but my French is not good enough to know determine what each cut is. I know chicken, beef, pork, duck, and goose…but not specific cuts of each.
I picked up a Taboule' package at the store. It comes with cracked wheat and a can of tomato, onion, garlic, parsley, and onion to mix with the wheat. I'll see how it tastes tonight with my tuna.
My repair to the dink floor is not holding, I'm working on getting Jupiter to approve the expense of a new (used) ribbed dink. After today's wet ride to shore he may approve it…
Last night I ran the house batt bank to empty… Yes at 12V she alarmed and woke me. I ran to the nav station, saw the alarm, ran to the cockpit, started the engine, ran down below and joined the batt banks, but the house bank shut down just as I started the engine. Only the MFD shutdown all other systems stayed up. So now I know how low the batts can go before they need attention. When I went to bed at 8PM we were at 12.6V at 4:30AM we were at 12V and the alarm triggered. Charging them today with the engine cause I still don't have the generator parts.