Fund raiser for Avanti

We are going to Hog Island late today for a fund raiser. Avanti hit a reef traveling from New Zealand yesterday.
Ah the cruising life, its all about Karma. When you need help you can always get it and when someone asks for help you always provide it.
I'm going to bring my iPad so I can take a few pictures of Hog Island, this is where the puppies go walking and swimming here in Grenada. We will be there all day on Wednesday (again I'll take pictures) cause I'm going to learn how to make "oil down." It should be fun and tasty! First photo is Rodger's beach bar. Second is Hog island at high tide.
I went to Secret Harbor today to by gasoline. We had a bit of chop crossing the point but I managed to stay dry for the trip. I filled up two 5 gal cans and the secondary dink tank for 160EC. Last time it was 180EC. Fuel is expensive here! Nothing like St. Martin or St. Lucia.