Oh no, the fan on the fridge is dead

Back to fridge woooooos…. the fan on the backup unit died today. UGH1 STILL NO MEAT IN THE FRIDGE.
Today Cinco got the fat off the pork chop. I no longer care about his diet cause he is nearing the end of life and if he wants pork chop fat he can have it! Cinco is loving it for now. Jupiter thinks he is being cheated but Jupiter is gaining weight on 80% of the food that Cinco gets and Cinco is still too skinny. I'm trying to fatten him up. Cinco is also loosing his vision. In the past two weeks he has walked off the dock three times. And he is clumsy on his feet and can't keep his head above water when swimming with his floating life vest on.
For now I take each dog into the dink one at a time cause it is too dangerous for Cinco and Jupiter to be up on the deck even with their life vests without me being right ON TOP of them. Jupiter is good cause he knows that when I say, "wait' he must freeze and not move an inch until I tell him so. Cinco doesn't appreciate that command as of yet.