Lazy Day

Not much combing on the dogs… I got the major mats and tangle out, but they are a pain to deal with when cutting their hair. Hopefully this will improve over time. Not much today, defrosting the freezer/fridge so i can get her recharged. Temps were getting into the mid 20's on the freezer and that is not good. Been eating everything out of the freezer for a few days to make it easier to defrost.
A Cold front passed. It is 74 deg at night and that is really cold. I've debated pulling out my wool, really. I think my blood has thinned a bit. I also had to take a fleece blanket out for the past two nights. 86 deg in the day and low 70's at night. Going to see if I can get a Mifi SIM chip this week. That will greatly improve my Internet access. For now I rely on Shrimpy's for internet every other day or so. Still have a few boat projects to do while here, but already thinking of the next destination.