Mainsail is at the loft for modifications

I just delivered the main to the loft for modifications and a new leech line. They are estimating 2 weeks for the work to be done. This was the worst folding job I've done on a sail. It's not easy folding that thing on the boat. I was lucky, it did fit into the sail bag :) While there, I had lunch at Lagoonie's and the food is really good.
I'm debating buying a used rib dink. It will make driving around in a dink a lot easier. My current dink is an inflatable floor and is has no real keel. My floor started deflating 3 days ago. The brand new floor valve was leaking. I've fixed it for now. I'll debate this for a few more days. I have to go see the rib dink and take some measurements to see how it will fit on my deck. My existing dink can be completely deflated and the rolled up and strapped mid-ship. The rib will not roll up but it can be deflated. If the rib core is only 7ft, then it may work being strapped down to hard points mid-ship.
The dogs and I are going to go to Marigot later today for a walk and dump the trash. Need to wear their toe nails down on pavement. They've had way to much sand/beach/field walking for the past couple weeks, they need some more city walking or I'll have to trim the puppies' toe nails. I don't think they want me to trim their nails. We went to explorer island this morning once the rain stopped. The tide was high (+6in) so they didn't want to walk to the northwest end of the island (Cinco would get his feet wet!). We hit that window just right cause 10min after, we were back on the boat and it started raining again.