Curfew Extended again

This time until May 12.
Neighbor called me on the radio the other day and said, "get out your sextant, the sun and moon are both up in the sky right now." For the past few days and at night I've been practicing navigation with the sextant. I've also learned how to use my StarFinder 2102-D and can site stars… the only horizon I have at night is to the south-east… So I have to use the StarFinder to see what will be rising at 10PM or 2AM in the area so I get an actual Horizon. Fun, first run I was 23miles off… two nights ago I was only 4 miles off!!! I have another book to read on this to better understand how to adjust for altitude vs Angle of the star.
Dink is on the deck as of last night. Repairs to a couple of leaks started this morning and will continue. Next a second coat on one patch and the stuff has to cure for 24 hours, then get painted to protect if form UV light. No where to go with the curfew…