600Ah and going

At 600Ah since Sunday and still running at 13V. Given that the bank is 1000Ah, that would be a 60% drain. The charge controller was deliver yesterday, but I did not install it. Today I have installed it and set the Batt type to “other” and set the absorb to 13.8V and the float to 13.6V. Given the current state of charge, I’m debating running another day until I charge. The only problem is that the temperature outside has dropped and the furnace has kicked-in. So the Amp draw per hour has increased dramatically. The heater draws almost the same power as the Freezer/Frig combo.
When I turn the charger on, the big question is what state of charge it will enter. Since the voltage is higher, it may skip the bulk stage and absorb stage and go right to float. I don’t know as the documentation I have is either the older model, or the newest model. My firmware upgrade was for a model in between, so I do not have all the same options as the newest document shows, but have move options that the original model. I think I will let it ride until Friday morning.