Solar Panels

I just picked up two 160W solar panels to add to the boat and opened and account a Budge Marine (yacht in transit = no tax). This should make the boat "energy independent". I hope. Waiting to see when a LIFePO solar charge controller can be delivered. I have to get the Alum L-angle stock to mount these on the boat. Rumor has it that a guy named Terry on the French side can help. I'll try to find Terry on Friday. So this weekend project will be mounting them. If Budget Marine can't get the charge controller then I'll have to order it in the US and have it shipped to St Martin.
Strange weather here. Even the locals say so. Winds are light and variable and the humidity is very low. In the day it is very hot and at night it is cold. The boat is covered with dew each morning for the past week. I don't mind the cold nights (68 deg F) and the heat in the day isn't that bad on the boat (it has the reflex tech insulation). But it is very hot when walking in town.
Cruising Kids: I've met a lot of kids that live on boats and they are awesome. These kids are intelligent, independent and responsible. They come from many different countries, but all of them speak english + other languages. These kids are sharp, they remember my boat name from the VHF network and recognize me in town. A few of them are tech geeks (egg heads) and are into the latest IT gadgets. Maybe more people should raise their children cruising on sailboats!
There are a lot of folks here in St. Martin that arrived several years ago and have never left. Still trying to figure that out. Some of them have boats that probably can't leave safely, but lots of them have chosen to stay on safe, sound boats. I wouldn't want to be here in Hurricane season - this is a prime target for those storms.
The Dutch are still fixing the lights on the bridge. Last night I got to see the Dutch side of the bridge where all the lights are working. It was sweet!!! But you have to approach the bridge slowly cause the lights blind you and you can't see the causeway pilings until you are right up on them. I don't what to hit a piling head on at speed. Even with a nearly full moon I couldn't see the pilings. The light are computer controlled as they change colors and race up and down the causeway to the two towers where the swing bridge is located.