The alternator controller is fried. Have to get a new one, just figured this out today after some testing. The place is closed until Monday. So I'll call them on Monday and head out to the Dutch side and pick one up. I have to make my list of things needed so that I can kill multiple birds with one trip.
Replace the starter on the Gen, but still cant get it started. I'll pull the injectors next and crank the engine to see if there is any water in the cylinders. Hopefully that will work, otherwise I'm going to have to fine a NorthernLights mechanic here to look at it.
Have a Digicel SIM card in my unlocked phone. I'll have to load up the VZ card and call them to cancel my VZ account. The Digicel account will work in the French West Indies. I'll have to get another SIM card for the other islands. My current number from the USA is +590 690098092. The new outboard is working great… and now we are on the 3/4 power break in period. I don't think it would be safe to bring her up to 3/4 power… It was a long haul across the Lagoon Yesterday to get parts for the boat. Almost an hour to get there and 45 min back (was able to crank above 1/2 power on the return trip).
I've got to try the cheese burger at Le Canal. Everyone says it's awesome and the french fries are definitely awesome. I had some the other night with the beef tartar.