Motor to Ste Anne

This morning we motored to Ste. Anne about 10 miles. The wind was on the nose the entire way, but I did get an almost full batt charge out of the alternators. Dropped the hook with about 120 other boats. I missed the big sand hole, so I dragged the anchor over the rocks for about 30 minutes until we hit the big sand hole… The Anchor is set now in sand and holding tight. The town is nice, quite a few small shops and restaurants. I will have to go to Marin in the next few days. Marin is the bigger town about 3 miles away.
The sky has been very Hazy for the past 4 days, not just high clouds, but also low level Hazy. Too early for Sahara dust storms to hit here, I think. Not sure what it is, but it is unusual to me. I might have to ask a local about this.
This anchorage is exposed to the winds more than the past few anchorages. As a result, it should be cool tonight inside the boat. A steady breeze is blowing though the hatches!
Puppies had fresh cooked puppy jambalaya today. Daddy is going to have seafood pasta onboard with some wine.
Tomorrow I'll check out the local restaurants for wifi and food. The puppies and I will walk down to the market and back to see how Jupiter is doing. If he can do that walk then later we will go north towards the big beach for a walk. There is a cool hike here towards the south and east that visits some nice beaches, much too long of a hike for the puppies. I make take that walk without the pups in a day or two.