Repacked the V-berth

I have 90% of the V-berth repacked. Still have the last few items to go in. This time it is packed based on my estimate for needing access. This is working out well so far. We are going for pizza night at Whisper Cover and hopefully the boys will behave. Did two load of laundry, charged batts, added oil to the connection that are frozen on the antenna and put up the Bow cover to keep rain out of the front hatches. I hope now I don't have to get up a night to close those hatches…. Looking good so far. Got a delivery of beer and rum today. I have to go shopping on Friday On Thursday I'll go to North Yacht Shop and see if they have the boat parts I need.
I went to Taffy's last night for the music and had fun, drank too much and smoke a little, overall a good night with BBQ chicken for dinner there. I went to CC Marina for the market and picked up some fresh fruit today.