Pizza tonight at Whisper Cove

Going to Whisper Cove for pizza. Yum, I need a salty meaty pizza. I'm looking forward to this. I may not be as good as the wood fired ovens at Spice Island, but yum, I need some salty pizza!!!!
Cinco is back in the life vest of pride, I caught him licking the hot spot… It is cooler today, rain most of the night and day so temps only in the 80's. We will be going to the beach in a few minutes, no swimming as we did that yesterday, just a walk for the pups.
I picked up limes today for key lime pie and a couple small tomatoes for a future burger or taco night. The tomatoes need to ripen a few days. Paw Paws are starting to show up in the market as well as bread fruit. Yum, this should be a good eating month in Grenada.