We are anchored off of Princess Margaret's beach. This and Tony Gibbons Beach are two of the most awesome beaches I've seen. On any other island there would be high rise hotels but not here. I've been to Bequia several times in the last 20 years and it gets better each time. The walkway on the edge of admiralty bay has been raised and improved. You can now walk from the ferry all the way to Princess Margaret's beach with out being slammed by waves for slipping on algae coated rocks.
It appears that St Vincent has realized that their foreign money comes in from the Grenadines and not from the main island. There is only one place on the main island that attracts boats or tourists and that is the southern most point called Young Island and Blue Lagoon. The rest of the Grenadine Islands are fill with tourist and yachts. Bequia is a yacht haven and the other islands (with the exception of Canouan, no body would go there unless they were on a golf tour for the filthy rich) are money makers for those that support the diving and yachting business.
Here is a picture of the main street in Bequia. There right side is for cars, the left side is for people.