Got all the parts

I think I've got all the parts I need to get all of the redundant systems back up and running. ElecTec had the water maker part and the alternator parts I needed and Island World had the stove parts and other odds and ends. The only thing I haven't found is a solar shower. They may have them in next week at Budget Marine. The water maker guy said he had seen this type of damage before and showed me a couple of end fitting. A little salt water seeping through the bolt causes the ground cable to erode into the casing and eventually weaken it till the pressure water creates a crack. So I've insulated the cable from the end cap with electrical tape in addition to the rubber boot that was already there.
We have a swell (3 to 4ft) coming into the bay today. It has churned up the water. I can no longer see the bottom cause of the silt in the water. Guess I won't run the water maker for a couple of days, don't want to clog the filters with this silt. They are calling for rain and high winds later this week. I guess this is the tail end of a cold front. I have to download the NOAA weather faxes.
Jupiter is doing better - he is recovering from his trash bag raid. I keep the trash bad in the cock pit now.
Dink's new motor is awesome! I can get the to Dutch side in 20min when I get her up on plane. Though that was about 2K more in spending I wasn't planning. I'll live with it.
I'm not sure how to check my voice mail. The lady speaks french and I can barely count in french much less understand what button to push to get new messages :)
I'm having to force myself to stay awake until 9PM so I can sleep until 6AM. Jupiter usually says hello to me a 6AM every morning… Even though he is blind I think he know when the sun rises.