Local station is playing Ziggy Stardust (full album from 1972)

It is through back Friday here and the station is playing 1972 music. Nice treat each Friday as they pick a different year. This has been really entertaining each Friday.
No wind today and this make hopping around Le Lagoon easy in the dink. It is hot as a result of no wind; however, tonight it will be 67 degrees so that will be cold (very cold for here). A few more project to do, but not much more. I will miss St. Martin (St. Maarten). This is a great place. The beaches we have seen are awesome and everyone is friendly. I'll go up on a bus to Grand Case on Tuesday (can't do it by boat cause of the northern swell). Should be a fun street party and great french food. I tried a french Rum yesterday (it was really BAD). I'll stick to island rum!
Just sent email to the sailmaker to see about my leech line problem. I should get a reply in a few days.
Still waiting for my mail package from Jimi, two weeks and still waiting.